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Starburst, by NetEnt, has key game elements that make it sensational. The first element is the Starburst Wild gem that will activate a win sequence for any gem of any color. The second element is the fact that when we play Starburst, we are able to win on sequence lines from both right to left and left to right. This is a great feature to have because it allows the player to better understand if they won on a spin. The 2-way line means we should in effect have double the chances of winning over traditional slot games, however, let us find out if that is truly the case:

First Game


We went straight to the level 10 bet limit of about €20 (or 100 Coins), followed by the highest coin value of 1. A 3-way diagonal Blue Gem win lit up on our screen with a big win counter counting up to the final value. We won 50 Coins although it was only 50% of our first bet.
The following 3 Spins resulted in no winnings and 300 Coins spent. However, on the fourth spin, an appealing 5-way double green gem win scoring us 700 Coins got us excited. That got us a profit of 350 Coins 5 spins in!


We enjoyed the animation and general feel of the game so much that every “no winner” bet only built up anticipation for the next big spin! The alluring colours and game design was what kept the next few spins flying out at max bet! Prior to the 9th spin, we won an additional 500 Coins on two Yellow Gem wins; landed another 100 Coins on a 4 way purple and at the same time, an additional 50 Coins was also won on the same Purple Gems win. Our collective wins scored us 650 Coins with a final balance of 500 Coins (or €100) won at the end of my game.




This game is simple and easily understood, your introduction screen explains the main mechanics of the game, the interface is conveniently displayed at the bottom of your screen and your winnings are fair. The game works with 5 reels that spin at different speeds once you place your bet. The minimum reward for a bet won is 3 consecutive Gems of the same type on a horizontal row, if Gems are placed in a manner in which multiple lines you have bet on are won in the same spin, your winnings are added together and displayed separately in the game’s win screen animation scene.




  • The first noticeable advantage about Starburst is its user-friendly interface. After a few minutes on the game, we could fully enjoy the experience without any confusion or hesitation.


  • The game is brightly colored and set out to add excitement while playing, enticing users with insane multiplier animations and fast-paced gameplay visuals.


  • The game offers a simple method to understand each of the lines you are betting by representing each bet level (or line number) on the right and left of the game screen – Hovering your mouse over the line numbers will display the direction and trend of your bet line.


  • The auto spin button allows you access to custom parameters, meaning you can stop auto-play after a win; if a single win exceeds a certain amount and if your cash increases or decreases by a certain amount.




  • Although the game type elements are displayed in the introduction of the game, the help button is small and will not be identified unless you are looking out for it very closely.


  • For a user seeking a more advanced Automatic Spin tool, Starburst could be improved with alternative variables for adjusting how the game plays through its auto spins and the level in which you can manipulate that.




Starburst is a fantastic game for anyone seeking a Jewels and Art themed slot game that is simple to understand, does not include all the additional win factors such as Multipliers or Progressive Jackpots and features a 96.10% return to the player. Starburst is a well-manufactured game that is tailored for players looking for the thrill of gambling while still enjoying the visual aspect of an arcade styled game.

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  • User Friendly UI
  • Good Graphic Animations
  • Simple How-To-Play Available
  • Autoplay Available


  • Eye sore to find and adjust settings
  • Auto play does not offer advanced parameters

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