Lottery Guide

Lottery Guide

Learning about the Lottery

The lottery is adapted from the Dutch word ‘Lot’, translating to Fate, and is said to date back to the 1500s. King James I of England brought the concept in 1612, to raise funds for the first ever British settlement in North America. Players pay for the chance to win prizes of greater value than the payment they made. Lotteries are generally state run and are used to advance government programs.

Lessons applied

The Lottery began out as a raffle number that was played in the hopes of receiving the same number as the winning determinator. The lottery has improved its player participation over the years and is so straightforward it rarely ever generates problems. The Lottery is earned its name, as it has a lot to do with Fate rather than figuring it out, so keep a level head when playing and remember this is a 100% game of chance that can land you some of the biggest jackpots in the world.

Lots of different Lotteries

The Lottery is a popular game as it provides a simple structure for players to understand. Here are some variants that players who wanted to raise the degree of complexity in the game, thought of:

Scratch Off

A Scratch Off is played by purchasing a Scratch Card, a card with pins concealed behind a opaque barrier, which players then scratch off to reveal if they have won. This is similar to a slots game, but the reels are static and you have only one “spin.”


Two sets of separate ball drums are drawn from, red and white, allowing players a second chance at winning for participating on the same ticket. The White drum holds 69 balls whereas the Red retains 26. Players select 5 white balls and can win either by obtaining the drawn numbers or guessing the outcome on the red balls.


Another form of lottery is Keno, for which we have written a more in-depth article. In Keno, players select numbers ranging from 1 to 80 in quantities of 10. Players can choose how many games they would like to play for and their wagering amount. For each correct guessed number, the player is rewarded. The original game gave players a selection of 120 numbers and ten chances to get one right, your chances are better than before.

Leading in Lottery

Lottery is a game of chance, but there still are some strategies people recur to. The list below shows some of them:

Wheeling Strategy

Ever wanted to improve the likelihood of you winning the big lotto?! This is how it is done using the wheeling strategy:

The Wheeling Strategy helps us select multiple lottery numbers and ensures we have every possible combination of numbers to give you the best chance of winning every time. Have you ever looked at your tickets and realised, oh wait! I have every number; however the numbers are across multiple tickets. This method helps us nail down any possibility of this happening by allowing us to cover an entire number range.


How to use the Wheeling Strategy: When Wheeling, we arrange our numbers in a scientific method, which provides combinations of your numbers, giving you the highest possibility of winning.

Game Selection: The lower the odds, the better the chance you will have with this strategy

How to pick wheeling numbers: Some people prefer to follow their instinct. They have their lucky numbers and they stick to them. When deciding what your preferred numbers are, you can write them directly out of your head, or use number generating software to help assist.

How to 5- lotto Wheel example:
First, pick 8 different numbers; do not pick the same number twice. Assign each number you have chosen, a letter, A through to H.

The 5 Games to Play

Once assigned, begin using your bottom section of the Balanced Wheel, and populate the 5 lotto picks according to the letter corresponding to the 8 different numbers you selected in the previous step.

Once this step is complete, you will now see your next 5 picks that you could place in your most recent lotto ticket, all your new numbers are perfectly balanced, if your numbers are winners, this will be your day!

Full Free Wheels:

Odd and Even Numbers Strategy

It is reasonable to believe that the occurrence of only odd or only even numbers is exceptionally rare when playing Lottos. For the best possible spread of your numbers, make sure that 50% of the low numbers you have chosen are odd and 50% of the high numbers you have chosen are even.

You now have the best possible spread across your lotto numbers.

Brad Duke’s Lottery Strategy

Who is Brad Duke: In 2005 Brad Duke won the Powerball, A Jackpot of $220 Million. Later he explained his strategy.

The Research: Brad summarized the last 6 months of Powerball results before his win, deciding then on the 15 most used numbers.

The Wheeling System: Brad knew he needed a method in which he could combine all his results in such a way he could feel confident about his number selection. So, he went with his best option for the purpose he needed served. – The Wheeling System

What we don’t know:
We do not know the type of wheel used.

– We do not know if he is covering one Powerball number or every one of them.

– We do not know how many tickets he has purchased.

The Silver Lining:

– For Brad to say that his strategy is 100% effective could be true. However, breaking down the math, we found that to statistically have the best advantage we would have to purchase way more than a few tickets to have a good chance regardless of luck. Just a small $200 000 worth of tickets and you are set for high profits.

Lotto Pools

Have you ever felt that you don’t care about winning the full jackpot, but you would be happy taking only a small part of it?

Well if so, then this is the strategy for you: A Lotto Pool is a sure fire way of improving your odds of winning, however you are going to have to split those winnings across the pool you joined to make all of this happen!

A Lotto pool is basically a group of people that have come together privately or are taking part online together to improve their odds of winning the Jackpot by combining their tickets together and splitting the winnings evenly to each person in the pool who contributed.

When it comes down to it, the type of the pool you join, or decide to create with your friends, is not limited to size. We must keep in mind that we are going to eventually end up splitting the “Pot” in the event of a win, so if you are okay with that, the sky’s the limit!

If your main concern is: What if I want to buy more tickets than everyone else and take a bigger portion of the winnings?
Don’t worry! There are Lotto Pools that base themselves on the rules above, allowing players to have a better pay-out if their initial pay-in was greater than the other players taking part in the Lotto pool.

License to Lottery

The lottery is a leading game worldwide. Even governments couldn’t resist joining the wave, but you are not limited to state-owned lotteries. Below is a list of the best Casinos offering the best variants and lottery services:


[Crypto Games]

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The next jackpot is just a click away, so, just go ahead and get your tickets!

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