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Dice games are among the earliest games known to human kind. The ancient Greeks wrote about the origins of the game. It was apparently popular with soldiers of ancient armies, and the games they played evolved together with the dice themselves. The evolution of dice games came to its most recent iteration with the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin enthusiasts transformed the classic six-sided cube, which saw myriad versions develop over the years, into a purely numerical sequence on the blockchain, to create what we now know as Bitcoin dice games.

The Origin of Bitcoin Dice

The ancient game entered the blockchain era in the same way it went into the history books, as the first widely played game on the Bitcoin network. On April 24th, 2012, Eric Voorhes announced the launch of the first Bitcoin dice game. He named this game Satoshi Dice. This was the first widely adopted blockchain-based game and it opened the field for more complex games to develop. Bitcoin dice also played a critical role in the development of the Bitcoin economy, through the creation of other games that competed with Satoshi Dice and the whole support industry this competition engendered.

Bitcoin dice games also showed that this new electronic P2P cash system had another use case besides buying pizza. Nevertheless, Satoshi Dice was accused of being a DDoS attack on the Bitcoin network. Many pointed to the mechanics behind the game, in which thousands of small transactions were potentially made on every bet, as an instrument to slow down transaction processing on the network due to higher volume. Some Bitcoin enthusiasts even accused Satoshi Dice of making illegitimate transactions just to push the network’s throughput to the limit. These accusations were completely baseless, and Satoshi Dice proved to be a legitimate game that many Bitcoin enthusiasts enjoy until today.

The Importance of Bitcoin Dice

Beyond giving Bitcoin another use case and helping the Bitcoin economy develop, Bitcoin dice games introduced the concept of provable fair gaming to the gambling industry. In the case of Bitcoin dice games, the randomness of the result on each roll could be independently verified on the blockchain. The game’s odds were also revolutionary, bringing house edges down across the board and forcing competitors to conform to these new standards. Immediate, automatic pay-outs were also a feature that Bitcoin dice introduced to the gambling industry.

How Does Bitcoin Dice Games Work?

The classic Bitcoin dice game – Satoshi Dice – originally took the blockchain as its betting platform, which allowed players to independently verify the results of each roll. It also ditched the six-sided cube for much more complex 65,536-sided “digital dice”. Of course, such big dice would be almost impossible to produce and operate in the physical world. Here is how players would place a bet and roll on this new type of digital dice:

  • Playing Bitcoin dice involves betting on an outcome, much like on traditional dice games, except that the betting range is between 1 and 65,536. It is pretty difficult to predict the exact outcome on such a large range.
  • Therefore, players would choose to place a bet on an outcome lower than or higher than a given number within that range.
  • Each kind of bet was channeled to a different Bitcoin address.
  • Once the blockchain “rolled” the dice, and the outcome was available, the game paid out automatically.

Further Development of Bitcoin Dice Games

Bitcoin dice games have developed further, based on that initial bet, roll and automated pay-out function. Nowadays there are a wide variety of Bitcoin dice games available for players of all kinds. Some resemble the games that traditional online casinos offer and have Bitcoin payment mechanisms to make a bet and play with. Others stuck to the original Satoshi Dice set up and took it a step further, developing different kinds of features, as well as more user-friendly platforms.

We have reviewed most Bitcoin dice platforms available, and came up with this short list of recommended Bitcoin dice sites for you:

We hope this brief list helps you choose the Bitcoin dice game that you were looking for, and we wish you good luck on your next roll!

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