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Bitcoin Slots Guide

Bitcoin Slots: From The Iconic Machine That Made Vegas To The Blockchain Age If there is a single machine that can be credited with building Vegas into the majestic city we now know, it is the slot machine. From the simplest, classic vintage lever-powered coin machine to today, a lot has changed. We no longer use coins to spin those reels, unless we are talking about a new kind of coin. If we are ...[Read More]

Roulette Guide

Bitcoin Roulette: Where The Queen Of The Casino Meets Cutting Edge Technology   There is a reason why the roulette is called the queen of the casino. It is one of the most popular games and it has been around for more than 100 years in its current iteration. With online gaming, the queen of the casino got used to its new kingdom quickly. With the advent of Bitcoin roulette, the classic turned...[Read More]

Lottery Guide

Learning about the Lottery The lottery is adapted from the Dutch word ‘Lot’, translating to Fate, and is said to date back to the 1500s. King James I of England brought the concept in 1612, to raise funds for the first ever British settlement in North America. Players pay for the chance to win prizes of greater value than the payment they made. Lotteries are generally state run and are used to adv...[Read More]

Keno Guide

The Roots of Keno Although the Name is of French translation, it has been said to have originated in China during the Han Dynasty era. In times of war and financial difficulty, refugees would look to have a little fun to shelter themselves from harsh times. This is how Keno was created, which legend says, may have funded the Great Wall of China. Instead of the initial 80 tickers Keno is known for ...[Read More]

Dice Guide

Bitcoin Dice Dice games are among the earliest games known to human kind. The ancient Greeks wrote about the origins of the game. It was apparently popular with soldiers of ancient armies, and the games they played evolved together with the dice themselves. The evolution of dice games came to its most recent iteration with the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Bitcoin enthusiasts transf...[Read More]

Craps Guide

What is a Craps? Craps is an American Dice game believed to have been brought over by French settlers, based on the English game Hazard, which dates back up to 2000 years. The name itself, Craps, is derived from the French word meaning toad which is said to be reference to players and their sitting positions when betting informally, such as on streets or in packed rooms.

Baccarat Guide

The Battle Of Baccarat Baccarat dates back to France in the 1400s, where referred to as the game of royalty, although the word, “Baccarat”, seems to have Italian roots. The origins of the game might be a little bit of a mystery, but the game itself is easily understood. Players around the world enjoy Baccarat, and once you take a look at our Baccarat guide, you will understand why it is so popular...[Read More]

Blackjack Guide

The beginning of Blackjack Blackjack is said to have surfaced in France and circulated around Europe as game known by the name of “Vingt-et-un”, translating to ‘twenty-one’. The first mention of the game dates back to 1400, portrayed by Miguel de Cervantes in a book by the name of Ronconete y Cortadillo, where his main character was caught cheating in the 21 card game.