Bitcoin Slots Guide

Bitcoin Slots Guide

Bitcoin Slots: From The Iconic Machine That Made Vegas To The Blockchain Age

If there is a single machine that can be credited with building Vegas into the majestic city we now know, it is the slot machine. From the simplest, classic vintage lever-powered coin machine to today, a lot has changed. We no longer use coins to spin those reels, unless we are talking about a new kind of coin. If we are talking about the slots that work with the new kind of coin, then we are talking about a screen with no levers. Online slot games might threaten the existence of physical slots, but Bitcoin slots revolutionized the world of online slots beyond anything we could imagine. As this revolution advanced, Bitcoin found its footing, in part thanks to the gambling industry. Just as the vintage slot machine build Vegas, its online version allowed Bitcoin to build an economy, and now these are the most sought-after slots due to their jackpots and technology.

How Are Bitcoin Slots Different?

Bitcoin jackpots have become more popular as prices of the first cryptocurrency advance. They have also become bigger for the same reason. This is the first fundamental difference that sets Bitcoin slots apart from the more traditional online slots. Provably fair technology, immediate pay outs and the possibility of playing without registering, are the 3 key advantages that players look at besides the jackpots.

Pure Bitcoin slots are provably fair, which means the randomness of the outcome of every spin can be verified independently using the blockchain. That means casinos cannot recur to tricks to fix the outcome of any spin. Most Bitcoin slots have this feature, allowing players to enjoy their game knowing that they will get a fair chance.

Beyond Provably Fair Gaming

The next 2 advantages – immediate pay outs and anonymous play – are a feature that only certain brands offer. Not all slots or all Bitcoin casino brands offer these advantages. Nevertheless, these are the features that most Bitcoin slot players out there are looking for. Apart from those features, players who look for Bitcoin slots are also looking for a game theme, graphics and the sound effects to match the excitement of hitting those ever-growing jackpots.

Best Bitcoin Slots

To make it easy for those players looking for the perfect Bitcoin slots, we have selected a few that we like. We picked those that have as many of the above features as possible. Here is our list:

Best Bitcoin Casinos to Play Slots

We also put a list of our favorite brands to play Bitcoin slots at. Here are several brands that we recommend:

How to Play Bitcoin Slots

After explaining in detail how Bitcoin slots developed, what are their unique characteristics and where to play, we will explain how to play Bitcoin slots, for those who would like to get started. Picking a brand from the list above or picking one of the games we listed, is the first step to start spinning. The next few steps will be easy:

  • Apart from signing up/logging in – a step which is usually unnecessary on a pure Bitcoin casino – players have to make a deposit.
  • To do so, they must look for that option on the display, click on it and get the appropriate address.
  • The best practice once a player gets that address, is to deposit a small amount to check the address, before sending a larger sum.
  • Once the Bitcoin transfer is in, players should be able to start placing bets and spinning on the game of their choice.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Bitcoin slots, you can start spinning to hit those amazing Bitcoin jackpots.