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One of the most iconic, pure Bitcoin casinos is Bitcoin Games Casino. This brand is based on a classic layout, which most players will be familiar with. Each of the 7 games available has a classic layout, and it is easy to navigate from one to the other, which highlights the focus on the UX component. This brand is true to everything Bitcoin is all about. Therefore, registration is optional, gaming is anonymous and provably fair, and payouts are immediate. The house edge is also low, guaranteeing players a 99% return. All the pure cryptocurrency players who are looking for a brand to play with, will be thrilled to discover the advantages that Bitcoin Games Casino has to offer.

Basic Information

Year established: 2016

Registration Required: No. Optional registration available.

Currencies Accepted: BTC & BCH

Total Number of Games: 7

Provably Fair: Yes

House Edge: 1%

Immediate Payout: Yes


Game Selection

Bitcoin Games Casino emphasized original gaming content and details that would appeal to pure Bitcoin players. Therefore, it decided to develop its own games in-house. All the games have classic references to Bitcoin culture, such as logos and graphics that refer to Bitcoin lingo – like perhaps the “HODL” symbol on the slot game. These games are considered to be boutique, because they were produced for a select demographic within the gaming community. This appeals to a niche of players that look beyond the game itself and like to be entertained by the small details of the game they play.

The 7 games that Bitcoin Games Casino offers also have a vintage element in them. Players looking to enjoy them, will immediately feel this, once they choose their favorite game and start playing. This brand has 7 different games to choose from: Video-poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots and dice. The attention to detail, the vintage feel and the variety of games that this brand offers, give it an advantage in the fiercely competitive market of Bitcoin Gambling.


Bonuses and Promotions

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, Bitcoin Games Casino is among a very limited number of pure Bitcoin casinos out there that offers any. This brand has offered cash back bonuses in the past and now offers special promotions and deals to people who are willing to register with a functioning email. Since anonymous play is so important for the cryptocurrency crowd, many players will forgo their bonuses and keep on playing without registering. To all those who are willing to register nevertheless, there will be great deals coming their way to complement the already low house edge of 1% and the immediate pay-outs, which can be considered as a bonus by themselves.


Customer Service

Customer service staff at Bitcoin Games Casino is highly professional and very responsive. The site was carefully designed with an exceptional UX focus in mind, so players rarely ever need to contact customer service. Bitcoin Games Casino invested a great deal of effort on the design of the site to make sure players need as little support as possible, because they know that once a player contacts them through email, anonymity might be broken. In any case, when a player has an inquiry, they can reach customer service representative via email on a 24/7 basis. The ticketing process is lightning quick and the staff will take care of any issue a player might have.

Payments and Withdrawals

Bitcoin Games Casino made all its pay-outs immediate upon request. Players don’t even need to process their withdrawals and staff doesn’t intervene in them at all. Players only have to recur to the ubiquitous cash-out button on the bottom right corner whenever they want to withdraw their funds. Payments are also immediate and depend only on blockchain transaction times.

Unique Features

One of the most particular features about Bitcoin Games Casino, is that it was one of the first brands to integrate BCH payments. This made it a pioneer in the industry, and ever since this brand enabled BCH gaming, other brands have been following suit.



With lightning quick payment systems on both BCH and BTC, unique design on its boutique games, provable fair gaming, low house edge, the option to play anonymously or to claim bonuses with an email registration, and immediate pay-outs upon request, Bitcoin Games Casino has an unparalleled service to offer to the Bitcoin gaming community. This is one of the brands that players will be satisfied the most with in the industry. We recommend you try it out!

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