Bitcoin Casino Tournaments

Bitcoin Casino Tournaments

Bitcoin Casino Tournaments  

With the growth of the Bitcoin gambling industry, many brands started holding a variety of tournaments. Most are based on slot games. Players usually accumulate points on those tournaments according to the amount of money the place on bets. This creates an opportunity of scoring a double whammy: Players can hit a jackpot and end up winning a part of the prize pool as well due to their betting volume. On the other hand, if a player chooses to participate in a tournament with a brand that doesn’t have a good reputation, the psychology of the double whammy might end up destroying the player’s bankroll.

Legendary Slots Tournaments

There are some basic features that players need to look at to know which kind of tournament is the best to play at. Apart from the brand that hosts the tournament, here is a short list of the features players should be looking for:

  • Prize pool size – generally speaking, the bigger the prize pool, the better although there are some exceptions.
  • Winning conditions – It is important to understand how many winners there can be, which positions on the table get payouts, how points are counted and what are the conditions to withdraw prize money – not every brand has immediate payouts.
  • Participating games – players must make sure that their favorite games are part of the tournament. Otherwise, they must look at the performance of the games that the tournament offers, including house edge.

Wonderful Brands, Fantastic Slot Tournaments

Generally speaking, the kind of brands that are the more desirable will be the best ones to play tournaments at. There might be some exceptions. Some of the biggest brands will have players coming their way regardless of the prizes and the conditions they offer for their slots tournaments, just because of their reputation. Conversely, smaller brands looking to carve a niche out for themselves in the market, might offer better slot tournaments to get more players. On the other hand, there might be wonderful brands with fantastic slot tournaments that get crowded fast, which makes it more difficult to win.

Picking the Right Slots Tournament

Players must do their homework to find the best slot tournaments out there. It is always preferable to play those tournaments with brands that offer provably fair gaming and are transparent about their house edges, as well as the conditions of the tournament. That should be the minimum standard players should look for before they get strategic about their choices. 

To make it easier for players, we decided to put a list of our favorite slot tournaments together. Here are our picks:


We hope this selection will help our readers narrow their choices down and pick the best slot tournaments in the space.


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