Bitcoin Casino Faucets

Bitcoin Casino Faucets

Bitcoin Casino Faucets

A long time has passed since Gavin Andresen developed the first Bitcoin faucet in 2010. That faucet used to give 5BTC away to each user. The success of that 5BTC faucet is part of what made Bitcoin such a widely used cryptocurrency now. It helped introduce Bitcoin to the world, and for the lucky people who took advantage of it, this faucet was potentially an incredible source of capital. Understanding the power that a faucet may have, soon many more started following Gavin’s lead setting up faucets of their own. Casinos are among the companies and institutions that followed Gavin’s initiative with faucets of their own.

Why Would a Casino Have a Bitcoin Faucet?

But if Bitcoin faucets were created to introduce the cryptocurrency to the world and gather users, why would a casino want to have one? The answer lies in the other advantages that faucets can give their creators:

  • Giving free money attracts people to new products and services. In the traditional economy, that free money comes in the form of coupons; in cryptocurrency, faucets play that role.
  • Faucets get people to discover a product or service they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • For educational purposes, to show people how something works, it is a good practice to give them something for free. A cryptocurrency faucet fits the bill

Bitcoin Casino Faucets as a Bonus

By using a faucet, casinos can get more people to become acquainted with their services. Apart from that, more people get acquainted with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through these casino faucets, so casinos actually contribute to a higher awareness about cryptocurrencies. But above all, Bitcoin casino faucets serve as a bonus, especially when they are created by low house edge casinos with immediate withdrawals and provable fair gaming.

Casinos That Have Bitcoin Faucets

This allows players to take the money they can claim through the faucet and play with it fairly. The allure of the faucet still attracts attention and it is a relevant tool. That is why many casinos use it. Here is a short list of brands that have their own faucets:

With the explosion of cryptocurrencies, faucets that give out other coins are also available. Casinos that have expanded beyond Bitcoin, are looking at other cryptocurrencies to set up faucets denominated in other coins. This will heighten awareness about new kinds of payments at casinos as well as about other cryptocurrencies.